In For 10:

A wholebeing practice

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Prasada’s offering for EVERYONE!

Commit 10 minutes to support your physical and mental health and wholebeing.
Each IN FOR 10 session will be led by an experienced Prasada Wholebeing Guide to help you find clarity, energy, and focus. 

What's a 10-minute IN FOR 10 session like?

IN for 10 yoga

5-min of YOGA

IN for 10 meditation


IN for 10 is offered OnDemand

Join us to recharge your energy and mindset for a more productive afternoon.

Are you IN?

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This OnDemand program is an offering of Prasada open to everyone. View our playlist below for a few of our videos that are available or check out our extensive IN for 10 library on Facebook and practice anytime you need a healthy break in your day!

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